An analysis of the DNA flowing through the veins of AuthenticityPR’s heart will reveal the following seven characteristics, beliefs and philosophies:

Values: At the core of any results-oriented, effective public relations there must be two elements possessed by the Client and the PR professional: 1) A foundation of strong values exemplified by an unwavering commitment to simply “do the right thing” at all times and; 2) A quality product or service — one that truly brings value to the consumer’s life and makes the world a better place. Does that fill your heart with exclamation points? If so, great! If we’re to work together, it’s important our hearts beat as one.

Innovation: Every effort is made to creatively define and communicate your key messages to your stakeholders in an attention-getting, unique but authentic manner.

Strategic Counsel: You must have a public relations plan that ties into your company’s vision, mission and strategic business objectives. Attempting to perform the tactical PR without a strategic plan will, in the end, prove ineffective and futile. You also must believe in the Power of PR. Elevate PR so that it has a direct report to your CEO. Give it a seat at “the table” where strategy is discussed. Public relations touches virtually every part of your company, and therefore deserves to be its own department. Do not put limitations on it by placing it under the marketing, human resources, or any other department’s umbrella. PR must be a stand-alone entity, on equal footing with your marketing.

PR Purity: All communications to your key stakeholders should be done with clarity, impact and spin-free authenticity. We’ll tell your story to all your key stakeholders truthfully… but we’ll do so effectively.

Employees-Centric: Who’s your no. 1 customer? It’s your employees. Your employees are on the front lines for you, fighting your battles daily in a highly competitive marketplace. Do you truly care for your employees and believe they ultimately have a lot to do with your success? Then do what it takes to build and maintain a strong corporate culture. And guess what? Happy employees = happy customers!

Customer-Centric: Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Every time a customer touches your company, his/her expectations should not only be met, but exceeded.

Utopia: By doing PR the right way — and being an advocate for employee empowerment, corporate transparency and accountability, authentic (gee, wonder why we like that word so much?) communications, and community goodwill — we’ll unite your employees around your vision, increase employee morale, create employee ambassadors, preserve your reputation, earn positive news media coverage, and solidify customer loyalty. Ultimately, you’ll maintain your competitive edge and increase your company’s performance and profitability. That’s all.


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