Having worked in the public relations/communications arena since 1987, there is a mountain of work to showcase. Here are just a few highlights to showcase the breath and depth of experience available to help YOU tell YOUR story with clarity, impact and authenticity.

News Coverage Secured for Clients – TV
FOX “Good Day New York” – Pro Energy Consultants
WGN-TV (Chicago ) – Energy Saving Tips – USA Insulation
KMGH-TV (Denver) “Job-Networking Tips” – Executives Network
WGN-TV (Chicago) – Executives Network
CBS News, “The Early Show” – Pro Energy Consultants
Fox 5 News – WTTG-TV “Laura’s Likes” – TaskEasy
ABC News Now – Executives Network

News Coverage Secured for Clients – Newspaper
USA Today – The Penta Water Company
Deseret News – VMT (product launch)
Calgary Herald – VMT (product launch)

News Coverage Secured for Clients – Magazines (Consumer)
Better Homes and Gardens – Pro Energy Consultants
Money magazine – Pro Energy Consultants
Tennessee Business – Pro Energy Consultants
Texas Lifestyle Magazine – TaskEasy

News Coverage Secured for Clients – Magazines (Trade)
Journal AWWA (American Water Works Association) – Bio Huma Netics

News Coverage Secured for Clients – Radio
CBS Radio – Executives Network
WCBS Radio (New York City) – Executives Network
WKBN-AM (Youngstown, PA) “Newstalk 570 – USA Insulation

Blog/Website Placements
Suddenly Frugal Blog – Pro Energy Consultants
Automotive Fleet – VMT (inventors of the “Universal Transmission”)

Social Media
Twitter – Converus
YouTube Channel
– Converus
YouTube Channel – Sarah Vedeler Designs
YouTube Channel – Spalding Education International

Copywriting – Websites

Copywriting – Advertising
Foundation Problems? – Atlas Piers of Utah
World’s Most Blatantly Honest Golf Ball – Center Gravity

Copywriting – Feature Stories 
Utah’s Construction Boom – Utah Progress magazine
Renaissance Towne Center – Utah Progress magazine
IsaKids – Isagenix International (product launch)

Copywriting – Newsletters (Consumer)
Penta Splash Oct. 2005 – The Penta Water Company
Penta Splash Sep. 2005 – The Penta Water Company
IsaNews – Isagenix International

Copywriting – Newsletters (Employee)
Converus Newsletter
IsaLife – Isagenix International

Copywriting – News Releases
Converus Releases New Tablet Version of EyeDetect Station – Converus
New Lie Detection Technology Helps Protect Company Assets, Reputation
– Converus
Ultra-Purified Bottled Water Cleaner – The Penta Water Company
The New Job Search – Executives Network
Industry’s Highest R-value Wall Insulation and Market Demand Makes USA Insulation Enticing Franchise Opportunity – USA Insulation
Icicles, Snow Melting on Roof and Around Perimeter Are Signs a Home Needs More Insulation – USA Insulation

Copywriting – Pitch Letters
The Talking Icicles Pitch – Pro Energy Consultants
Bag of Dirt Pitch Letter – Atlas Piers of Utah
Radio Signals Pitch Letter – The Jefferson Institute (This 1989 pitch letter produced 10-15 interviews a month!)

Website Newsrooms
Executives Network
Spalding Education International

Product Endorsements (The Penta Water Company)*
List of Celebrity Endorsements
Health & Fitness Experts
Farrah Fawcett  (signed 8×10)
Amanda Beard  (signed 8×10)
Sting  (signed 8×10)
Drew Brees  (signed 8×10)
Carson Palmer  (signed 8×10)
Ellen Degeneres  (signed 8×10)

* NOTE: These product endorsements have since expired.

Product Placements – The Penta Water Company
NBC’s The Biggest Loser
Ellen Degeneres Show
ABC Family’s “Wildfire”


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