Having worked in the public relations/communications arena since 1987, there is a mountain of work to showcase. Here are just a few highlights to showcase the breath and depth of experience available to help YOU tell YOUR story with clarity, impact and authenticity.

Corporate Videos (script writing, video production)
EyeDetect Introductory Video – Converus
EyeDetect for Government Use – Converus

Press Coverage Secured for Clients – TV
FOX 13 (Salt Lake City) – Converus (30+ other stations picked up this story)
KLS-TV (Salt Lake City) – Converus
FOX “Good Day New York” – Pro Energy Consultants
WGN-TV (Chicago ) – Energy Saving Tips – USA Insulation
KMGH-TV (Denver) “Job-Networking Tips” – Executives Network
WGN-TV (Chicago) – Executives Network
CBS News, “The Early Show” – Pro Energy Consultants
Fox 5 News – WTTG-TV “Laura’s Likes” – TaskEasy
ABC News Now – Executives Network

Press Coverage Secured for Clients – Newspaper
USA Today – The Penta Water Company
Deseret News – VMT (product launch)
Calgary Herald – VMT (product launch)

Press Coverage Secured for Clients – Magazines (Consumer)
Better Homes and Gardens – Pro Energy Consultants
Money magazine – Pro Energy Consultants
Tennessee Business – Pro Energy Consultants
Texas Lifestyle Magazine – TaskEasy

Press Coverage Secured for Clients – Magazines (Trade)
Security Today magazine – Converus
Blue Line magazine – Converus
Journal AWWA (American Water Works Association) – Bio Huma Netics

Press Coverage Secured for Clients – Radio
CBS Radio – Executives Network
WCBS Radio (New York City) – Executives Network
WKBN-AM (Youngstown, PA) “Newstalk 570 – USA Insulation

Podcast Interviews Placed
Broken Brain Podcast – Dr. Benjamin Bikman, author of “Why We Get Sick”
The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show – Dr. Benjamin Bikman, author of “Why We Get Sick”

Blog/Website Placements
Suddenly Frugal Blog – Pro Energy Consultants

Social Media
Twitter – Converus
YouTube Channel
– Converus
YouTube Channel – Spalding Education International

Copywriting – Marketing Collateral
Oyster Bay Beach Resort brochure – OBBR
EyeDetect brochure – Converus

Copywriting – Websites

Copywriting – Advertising
Foundation Problems? – Atlas Piers of Utah
World’s Most Blatantly Honest Golf Ball – Center Gravity

Copywriting – Feature Stories 
Utah’s Construction Boom – Utah Progress magazine
Renaissance Towne Center – Utah Progress magazine
IsaKids – Isagenix International (product launch)

Copywriting – Newsletters (Consumer)
Penta Splash Oct. 2005 – The Penta Water Company
Penta Splash Sep. 2005 – The Penta Water Company
IsaNews – Isagenix International

Copywriting – Newsletters (Employee)
Converus Newsletter
IsaLife – Isagenix International

Copywriting – Press Releases
New EyeDetect Test Pinpoints Why a Job Applicant or Loan Applicant is Disqualified – Converus
Converus Releases New Tablet Version of EyeDetect Station – Converus
New Lie Detection Technology Helps Protect Company Assets, Reputation
– Converus
Ultra-Purified Bottled Water Cleaner – The Penta Water Company
The New Job Search – Executives Network
Industry’s Highest R-value Wall Insulation and Market Demand Makes USA Insulation Enticing Franchise Opportunity – USA Insulation
Icicles, Snow Melting on Roof and Around Perimeter Are Signs a Home Needs More Insulation – USA Insulation

Copywriting – Pitch Letters
Book Author Pitch – Dr. Benjamin Bikman, author of “Why We Get Sick”
The Talking Icicles Pitch – Pro Energy Consultants
Bag of Dirt Pitch Letter – Atlas Piers of Utah
Radio Signals Pitch Letter – The Jefferson Institute (This 1989 pitch letter produced 10-15 interviews a month!)

Website Newsrooms

Product Endorsements (The Penta Water Company)*
List of Celebrity Endorsements
Health & Fitness Experts
Farrah Fawcett  (signed 8×10)
Amanda Beard  (signed 8×10)
Sting  (signed 8×10)
Drew Brees  (signed 8×10)
Carson Palmer  (signed 8×10)
Ellen Degeneres  (signed 8×10)

* NOTE: These product endorsements have since expired.

Product Placements – The Penta Water Company
NBC’s The Biggest Loser
Ellen Degeneres Show
ABC Family’s “Wildfire”


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