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Is Your Best Story Being Told?

Captivate and Connect with Storytelling

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Make Storytelling Your PR Superpower

Do your business’ communications and promotions fizzle instead of sizzle?

When you use storytelling-infused PR and marketing communications to effectively tell your story, you’ll increase clarity, impact and authenticity. This can give you a competitive advantage and boost your profitability because it:

  1. Transforms your message from noise to noticeable.
  2. Creates more engaged employees and more loyal customers.
  3. Secures more press/podcast interviews.

Storytelling+PR = EPIC Results

The spotlight is on your business every day to communicate more effectively to employees, customers, investors, the press, etc.

How do you truly sell what you’re communicating? Via stories, because stories sell. It’s as simple as that. (But they have to be true stories.)

As the world’s only communications firm led by a credentialed PR pro and a seasoned storyteller/trained vocologist, you’ll be empowered with the superpower of authentic storytelling to make your communications more attention-getting, engaging, and persuasive. Communications that will generate real results for you and your business.

Add sizzle to your:

  • Employee communications
  • Marketing/advertising initiatives
  • Customer case studies
  • Press releases
  • Mission/vision statements
  • Company’s values
  • Founder’s/origin story
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sales presentations
  • And more

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“Excellent ideas and instincts about communicating with others.”
Dr. Gary A. Witt
Owner, Marketing Psychology Group

“Always delivers value.”
Jim Mosher
Former co-worker

“Should you ever find the need for a communications expert that gets stuff done with maximum output and minimal drama, hire Jeff. He’s the best.”
Joel Bikman
Co-Founder, HLTH Code


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