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Hello. We’re glad you’re here.

We hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon and help you with your communications/storytelling needs. In the meantime, here’s us:

Guiding Principles/Values

We believe in being:

  • authentic
  • truthful
  • ethical
  • kind to all
  • servant leaders
  • people of integrity


These are the principles and values that make our heart sing. We believe we’re accountable to our Maker 24/7, and therefore we must continually strive to abound in good works — in our personal and business life.


It’s time to rethink the role public relations plays or should play within your organization.

PR permeates almost everything your company does. It has companywide implications. It’s much, much more than the get-free-publicity arm of your marketing department.

PR should act as the conscience of your company that helps preserve your reputation and keep your organization safe.

Practically everything your business does affects its PR (and reputation, perceived value, etc.), including:

  • how you tell your story
  • your mission, vision and value statements
  • how you market and sell your product or service
  • how you write your job postings
  • how you treat employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • how you answer the phone
  • the copy and graphics on your website
  • your social media posts
  • executive perks
  • your speaking opportunities
  • AI usage
  • and more

These interactions impact your various stakeholders. Opinions are formed. Your perceived value either goes up or down. Ultimately, your productivity and profitability are affected.

Weave storytelling into your PR and watch the engagement and persuasiveness of your communications soar.

The AuthenticityPR Team

Here’s the AuthenticityPR leadership team to help you meet your strategic business objectives…

Leticia Follett Pizzino

As a professional storyteller who understands the science of story, I’ll help you harness the great potential and power of story for your company to better connect, empower, uplift, inspire, teach, change, heal — and ultimately make it more profitable. FULL BIO

Jeff Pizzino, APR

Dear CEO,

You’ll LOVE having a personal CCO as your righthand man. Now you’ll sleep good at night knowing all your communications are engaging your stakeholders and keeping your company and reputation safe. FULL BIO

Rick Episcopo

Have you: Harnessed AI’s power? Analyzed your SEO’s effectiveness? Maximized your online ads’ ROI? Coached up your executive or sales teams? Reviewed your strategic planning, JVs, etc? If not, then we need to chat. FULL BIO