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Authentic Public Relations Builds Trust

Authenticity in your public relations means you’re genuine, honest and transparent in all your communications. That’s the only way to become and remain a trusted organization.

Authentic public relations is based on honest and transparent communication. It’s key for establishing genuine connections with stakeholders. When PR is authentic, it establishes credibility, which in turn helps organizations build trust, long-term relationships, and a positive reputation.

What is Authentic Public Relations?

Authentic PR centers on being a credible source of information (especially to the press!), ensuring all details provided are accurate and reliable. This means transparently sharing information with stakeholders without manipulating facts or resorting to spin to favor the organization.

Let’s talk about spin for a moment…

Spin is the twisting, distorting or obfuscating of the truth. To put it bluntly: It’s lying.

Never say to a PR pro (at least not to one with ethics and integrity), “How can we spin this?”

You may not realize spin has negative connotations. I once got into a debate with a client on this very topic. For those without nefarious intentions who want to use the word spin, I would urge you to instead use the word “position” or “positioning” — because that’s what you really mean.

Spin defies honest and transparent communications because it employs manipulative messaging tactics. At best, spin produces short-lived impressions and relationships because it’s based on deception.

Embracing Authentic PR

To embrace and truly internalize authentic PR, organizations must already have or quickly develop a strong moral compass that guides all their actions and communications. Upholding ethical standards in all corporate communications endeavors ensures credibility remains intact even in challenging situations.

With storytelling becoming a key component of an organization’s PR/communications, it’s important to emphasize genuine storytelling; only using stories based on truth. Sharing real experiences and narratives that resonate with audiences will enhance your authenticity.

Authenticity will especially help an organization shine during a crisis. When responding with communications that are transparent, genuine, and demonstrate taking ownership when at fault, it can quickly rebuild trust among stakeholders and save a company’s reputation.

Open, honest communication driven by a commitment to “do the right thing” will do wonders for an organization.

As the PR landscape continues to evolve, it’s imperative for companies to uphold the principles of authenticity to stand out in a crowded marketplace overloaded with information. Make authenticity the cornerstone of all your PR initiatives to all your stakeholders, internal and external.

Not sure quite how to get your executive team or staff to buy into and embrace authenticity? Contact us. A company named AuthenticityPR might just know a thing or two about it.

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