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Messy Missy and Other PR Blunders

06.07.2024 – How many times have you heard or seen something from a company or organization that doesn’t present a quality, polished image? Whenever I encounter this, I think to myself, “Do they not have PR counsel?” “Are they not listening to their head of corporate communications?” “How did their PR/comms lead miss this?”

I’m an avid college football fan and follow my alma mater religiously (pun intended). Nothing will get in the way of me blocking out time to watch a BYU football game (well, almost nothing — I confess my wife and family do come first… when they don’t accept my invite to watch a game with me).

I’ve seen two blatant PR faux pas over the years on the sports show, BYU Sports Nation. The first was a December 2022 interview with Independence Bowl Director Missy Setters. This bowl, located in Shreveport, La., was the post-season destination for the team.

Check out the director’s background (see header image). Are you kidding me? The desk behind her (I assume it’s hers) is in total chaos, a complete mess! I ask, what kind of image does that give the Independence Bowl? Maybe her nickname is Messy Missy?

The bowl paid out $2.2 million per team. Do you mean to tell me they couldn’t afford a media backdrop with the Independence Bowl branding? Pretty head scratching, isn’t it?

My second example is a recent video interview with forward-thinking Big XII Commissioner Brett Yormark (above) — although it was more an interview with his nostrils. One of the most basic tips for a Zoom, Teams, or any video interview is to make sure your camera is eye level. Nobody wants to be looking up your nose while you’re being interviewed. These are basic, fundamental instructions his PR person should have provided prior to the interview.

(Sorry to pick on you, Commissioner Yormark, because I think you’re doing a great job leading the Big XII. But if you ever need some PR counsel…)

A lot of the success in PR is measured in managing the details. How are you doing in managing your details?

If your PR counsel isn’t on alert at all times and in all places for your image and reputation, then you risk damaging your brand and perceived value among your stakeholders.

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