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Authentic Public Relations Builds Trust

04.04.2024 – Authentic public relations is based on honest and transparent communication. It’s key for establishing genuine connections with stakeholders.When PR is authentic, it establishes credibility, which in turn helps organizations build trust, long-term relationships, and a positive reputation.

7 Essential PR Skills

03.22.2024 – As I ponder the skills that have benefitted me the most over the course of my 3+ decade public relations career, I came up these 7 below. Obviously, we’re all blessed with different talents, and I’m sure yours (especially if you don’t work in PR) will vary greatly.

A PR Guy that Loves Typesetting? Huh? Why?

07.30.2021 – How many PR pros do you know who are also proficient in typesetting promotional collateral?

It’s somewhat like expecting your dentist to also be a top-notch mechanic or a professional ballerina to also be an Olympic weight-lifting medalist. OK, well, almost.

It’s Time to Slay the Possessive Its

Example of someone using the possessive it's.

01.24.2014 – One of the most embarrassing moments I witnessed in my professional career occurred in about 2003. While employed at The Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA, the head of the PR department occasionally gave his staff permission to leave the premises and partake of professional development (yes, it was a very “controlling” culture there). I decided to attend an advanced public relations writing course given by PR pro Fraser P. Seitel, author of The Practice of Public Relations (a great PR textbook; I recently ordered the new 12th edition) in Los Angeles.

Give PR its Own Umbrella

01.03.2014 – The true role of public relations in a company is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, misaligned, or just plain missing. The last three companies I was employed by all got it wrong. They put PR under the marketing umbrella, with the head of PR often reporting to the vice president of marketing. Who in the world taught marketing to be such a control freak when it comes to PR?

The PR Gods Called Me to Blog

01.09.2014 – Just for a moment I imagined I was looking up into the PR heavens (OK, I know I’ve probably already lost some of you as you may have a hard time reading “PR” and “heaven” in the same breath). If the PR heavens were to part, what would the PR gods say to me prior to officially launching my first blog?