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Messy Missy and Other PR Blunders

06.07.2024 – How many times have you heard or seen something from a company or organization that doesn’t present a quality, polished image? Whenever I encounter this, I think to myself, “Do they not have PR counsel?” “Are they not listening to their head of corporate communications?” “How did their PR/comms lead miss this?”

Noise vs. Clarity – How Are Your Communications Perceived?

05.30.2024 – Here’s how I start my elevator pitch in networking meetings: Anytime you communicate, whether it’s via the written or spoken word, the recipients of your message will do one of two things: they’ll either tune in because it’s interesting or they’ll tune OUT because they’ll classify it as NOISE.

Me-Centered vs. You-Centered

05.10.2024 – Take a look at your website. Or your last newsletter. Or any other communication you’ve created. (Especially your elevator pitch.) Does it flunk the Me Test? I hope so.

Authentic Public Relations Builds Trust

04.04.2024 – Authentic public relations is based on honest and transparent communication. It’s key for establishing genuine connections with stakeholders.When PR is authentic, it establishes credibility, which in turn helps organizations build trust, long-term relationships, and a positive reputation.

7 Essential PR Skills

03.22.2024 – As I ponder the skills that have benefitted me the most over the course of my 3+ decade public relations career, I came up these 7 below. Obviously, we’re all blessed with different talents, and I’m sure yours (especially if you don’t work in PR) will vary greatly.

A PR Guy that Loves Typesetting? Huh? Why?

07.30.2021 – How many PR pros do you know who are also proficient in typesetting promotional collateral?

It’s somewhat like expecting your dentist to also be a top-notch mechanic or a professional ballerina to also be an Olympic weight-lifting medalist. OK, well, almost.

Going Up? 5 Tips for Nailing Your Elevator Pitch!

04.08.2021 – Participating in a job interview without an elevator pitch is like watching or reading an ad without words. It’s like a dog with no bark or bite. It’s like standing in an elevator with no buttons to push.

Dogma Dampers Adaptation, Progress and Improvement

09.02.2020 – One of my favorite discussions during my M.B.A. studies was on the adoption of new technology, concepts or processes — often referred to as “The Innovation Life Cycle.” The instructor displayed a bell curve with “innovators” and “early adopters” at the beginning (the “ambassadors”), “early majority” and “late majority in the middle (the “supporters” and “neutrals,” respectively), and the “laggards” and “saboteurs” (the “defectors” and “adversaries,” respectively).