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The PR Gods Called Me to Blog

What do you do when the PR gods call you to blog? You heed their 11 warnings.

Just for a moment I imagined I was looking up into the PR heavens (OK, I know I’ve probably already lost some of you as you may have a hard time reading “PR” and “heaven” in the same breath). If the PR heavens were to part, what would the PR gods say to me prior to officially launching my first blog?

Perhaps the following:

Jeffery E. Pizzino, APR, you are hereby called to blog. However, you are strongly counseled to heed these 11 warnings, or else the wrath of social media viruses will infest your beloved MacBook Pro:

Warning #1: Be an advocate for public relations and elevate the profession. Using all your might, mind and strength, your main calling is to do everything within your power to help the world see PR’s rightful role and place, which is: to have a “seat at the table,” a direct report to the CEO and executive team, and be its own department.

Warning #2: Be humble.

Warning #3: Be teachable. Sure, you’ve been a PR professional since 1987, you have an MBA and you’re an APR, but there’s so much more to still learn. Remember, learning never ends.

Warning #4: Be interesting.

Warning #5: Be yourself. Remember what the late, great Syd Barrett once sang: “You shouldn’t try to be what you can’t be.”

Warning #6: Be passionate.

Warning #7: Be genuine, authentic.

Warning #8: Be different.

Warning #9: Serve the PR and business world by imparting time-tested nuggets of wisdom and advice that will help them achieve greater success.

Warning #10: Be consistent. Post at least weekly.

Warning #11: Always keep in mind, what’s the Po!nt???

Now, go forth and blog!

And I shall…

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